The colorful Strix Fusion headset can blink in sync with others

It's a pretty decent ASUS headset, even without the blinking lights.

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Imagine the following, if you will: With seconds on the clock, you sink the final, game-winning goal in a particularly frenzied Rocket League match. It's over. You've done it. And just like that, the lights on the side of your headset begin to pulse a brilliant violet, then an intense yellow -- alternating, ebbing, flowing, before finally building to a vivid orange climax. Victory loves company as much as misery does, so the fact that your teammates' headsets have run through that chromatic celebration in sync with yours only makes your heart soar even higher. That's the (slightly silly) vision ASUS is selling with its Strix Fusion headset here at its Computex RoG press event.

Of course, getting there will require a little work. You'll need to use a mobile app to define your color scheme of choice, as well as pass that configuration on to headsets owned by fellow players. Now, do you need a headset that A) has lights and B) can make those lights thrum in sync with your brethren's headset? Maybe, maybe not. If nothing else, the Strix Fusion should sound pretty good mid-game: You'll find a set of ASUS Essence drivers in each earcup, along with support for virtual 7.1 surround sound. The headset also has air-tight chambers for crisper, clearer sound. ASUS claims this is exclusive to the Strix Fusion.

But anyway, back to those lights. They're actually part of a larger push ASUS is undertaking to help people craft the perfect game rooms. Case in point: The company is working on giving gamers the ability to craft lighting schemes for connected LED strips, just to build the right ambiance for marathon Civ VI sessions. The only downside: You'll have to wait until Q3 of this year before you can more thoroughly bling-out your game room.

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