Even Skype is copying Snapchat

This trend probably won't end anytime soon.

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Despite its smaller-than-expected user-base, everyone keeps trying to ape Snapchat. The latest in that trend is none other than Skype. Yes, the VOIP and chat app is trying its hand at being an ephemeral social network. Microsoft is calling its Stories clone "Highlights," and the posting process sounds really similar to Snapchat. From the main screen, swipe to access the camera to capture a photo or video. Once posted, the people in your network can comment with emoticon reactions or text. Oh, right: Texts within the app now support emoji reactions and colored banners. Skype's other effort to be all things to all people includes built-in chatbots and a colorful redesign. Sure!

The update is rolling out worldwide starting today on mobile. Of course, Skype isn't the first to pull from the ephemeral app's playbook -- cough, Instagram, cough. But who's left to do it at this rate that already hasn't, LinkedIn? Maybe I shouldn't have said that.

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