Of course the 'Stranger Things' soundtrack is coming to cassette

It'll go on sale on July 14th, but only in Urban Outfitters stores.
Matt Brian
M. Brian|06.09.17

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Lakeshore Records
Lakeshore Records

Just when you thought Netflix's sci-fi horror series Stranger Things couldn't get any more retro, a new version of the original soundtrack is due to be released on cassette. To celebrate its one year anniversary, Lakeshore Records announced that both volumes of the Season One soundtrack will be available on red cassettes, which come inside cases that look like mini VHS tapes.

Pitchfork reports that the cassettes will go on sale from July 14th, but only in Urban Outfitters stores. They feature the iconic Stranger Things intro and additional synth-heavy sounds from Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of S U R V I V E, who received two GRAMMY nominations for the score. A deluxe vinyl box set -- complete with character cards -- will go on sale at the same time, despite being announced in March.

Before you write it off as a marketing stunt (although it blatantly is), there is method to Lakeshore's madness: cassette sales in the US actually grew last year, with 129,000 copies being sold. It pales in comparison to the 13.1 million vinyl albums bought over the same period, but it a points to a definite demand for retro releases.

The soundtrack will serve to fill a gap until Stranger Things Season Two debuts on Halloween. The show will pick up in 1984 with all of the old gang, roughly a year after Will's journey to the Upside Down and back.

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