Logitech gives gamers a reason to like wireless mice

The company is promising to eliminate lag and charging woes.


Ask dedicated gamers why they prefer wired mice over wireless and you'll hear two familiar refrains: Even a little wireless lag can be unacceptably high, and it's no fun to plug in or swap batteries mid-match. Logitech may have found a way to kill both birds with one stone. The company is introducing a pair of technologies, Lightspeed and Powerplay, that theoretically make wireless gaming mice practical even if you depend on pinpoint accuracy. Lightspeed uses "end-to-end signal optimization" to cut latency down to a single millisecond, while the Powerplay system (above) relies on magnetic resonance to continuously charge your mouse. In short, it should perform about as well as a wired mouse without that pesky cord getting in the way.

The catch, as you might expect, is that you need both Powerplay ($100) and a compatible mouse to make this work. Thankfully, there are two mice to choose from: The G703 Lightspeed ($100) is the simpler, lighter model of the two, while the G903 Lightspeed ($150) adds a customizable button layout, a more ambidextrous design and mechanical elements that boost the button feel and responsiveness. All told, you're looking at a minimum $200 to get Logitech's ideal experience.

You'll also have to wait a little while. Although both the G703 and G903 are shipping in June, Powerplay doesn't arrive until August. If the one-two combo lives up to expectations, though, you'll have the freedom of movement that a wireless mouse offers without worrying that you'll miss a game-winning shot.

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