‘Super Mario Odyssey’ lets player two tag along as Mario's hat

They'll be able to invincibly zoom around -- perfect for young co-adventurers.

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Just like at last year's E3, a new installment in a Nintendo franchise is stealing the show. Super Mario Odyssey already plays like a weird, wonderful new game with an expansive world to explore. But you won't have to go it alone: the new game will let another player take control of Mario's eyeball-lined sentient hat, Cappy.

In a demonstration, the game's developer Kenta Motokura showed off what the second player can do with Cappy...which isn't much more than flying around hitting enemies. That's pretty much what other players got to do when tagging along in Super Mario Galaxy, which Nintendo released for the Wii a decade ago. At the 6-minute mark in the video above, Nintendo's Samantha Robertson hints at another combo move they'll unveil sometime in the future, but it seems the second-player role in Odyssey is a lot like that in Galaxy: a fun, relaxed experience for younger or more casual friends to tag along with the main player. The game launches for the Switch on October 27th.

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