Snapchat now lets you record up to six video snaps at once

And its new Tint Brush tool will let you add a pop of color to your pics.

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PA Wire/PA Images
PA Wire/PA Images

Snapchat has unveiled two new features designed to give users greater flexibility in their storytelling. Multi-Snap lets you record up to six consecutive 10-second Snaps at once, while Tint Brush does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. To add color to any object in your photo Snaps, simply select the new Tint tool, trace an outline around the area you want to edit and then select whichever color you want.

Tint Brush is a fun addition to Snapchat's tool set, but the Multi-Snap feature seems genuinely useful. Press and hold the capture button to record a video Snap, and continue holding after 10 seconds to seamlessly record another. You can do this up to six times, and delete any Snaps in the sequence you don't want to use. Each Snap will post individually to your Story but appear in chronological order, so your friends can still skip through your everyday activities if they want to (and they probably do). Both features launch tomorrow, but Multi-Snap will only be available on iOS devices -- Android users will have to sit tight for now.

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