Visit a kiosk in the UK to diagnose your cold

The kiosks have examination equipment and virtually connect patients to doctors.

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We have app doctors that can help diagnose you from your phone and in the future, we very well might have AI physicians, but the UK is now offering another option -- medical kiosks. A company called MedicSpot has set up tiny clinics in pharmacies across the UK that virtually connect you to a real physician and are stocked with all of the necessary equipment for an examination. The mini clinic has a blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, pulse oximeter, thermometer and a camera that can give the doctor a look into your throat and ears. The doctor can even write you a prescription if need be.

The service is geared towards minor illnesses and the company says around a third of the consultations conducted so far have been about coughs, colds and ear infections. MedicSpot also says that approximately 20 percent of appointments have been booked by travelers. Its site has a specific section for tourists letting them know that they can use MedicSpot's services without any hassle if they've become sick on their trip or if they forgot or ran out of necessary medications.

Consultations cost £30, last around 10-15 minutes and patients can choose to send notes about the visit to their regular doctor. For simple, non-serious medical issues, a quick visit to a kiosk certainly seems better than waiting forever in a doctor's office.

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