DJI and 3D Robotics team up for business-focused drone tools

Drones are growing up.

Feisal Omar / Reuters

For all their hobbyist applications, like photography and videography, drones are still primarily commercial tools. Thus, 3DR's partnership with DJI for the Enterprise Drone Platform. Specifically, the Enterprise Drone Platform will be integrated with DJI's UAVs and further expand its Site Scan system to incorporate the job-site surveying tech into the Chinese company's drones.

"DJI drones will work seamlessly with Site Scan, including its autonomous flight modes, multi-engine cloud processing, and suite of tools designed for construction, such as: performing topographic surveys, calculating cut and fill volumes, measuring stockpiles, exporting native Autodesk file formats and much more," 3DR writes.

Then there's the brand new Enterprise Atlas platform that, as the name suggests, offers a host of business-minded options like unlimited cloud storage for flight and survey data, and role-based access to different types of stored information.

It isn't the sort of thing you or I would get excited about of course, but today's news shows that the drone industry is starting to mature.