The best gear for building a home theater in your dorm

You can do better than streaming Netflix off your laptop.

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To the extent that your shoebox of a dorm will be your home for the next nine months, you should do whatever you can to make it feel cozy and inviting. To that end, we've included some home-theater items in our back-to-school guide, and we've ensured everything is reasonably compact (you can hold off on your first 65-inch set until you have your very own pad). From media streamers to speakers to a handful of small- to medium-sized TVs, you have options if you want to upgrade from watching Netflix off your 13-inch laptop.

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  • 55-inch E-Series 4K HDR (E55-E2)
  • Fire TV Edition 43-inch 4K TV
  • 55-inch 4K Roku Smart TV (55P607)
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast Ultra
  • Shield TV
  • Video Headset (formerly known as the Glyph)
  • Playbase
  • HT-MT300 sound bar and subwoofer
  • SmartCast soundbar system (SB4551-D5)
  • SB500 soundbar
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