iDevice dimmer switches work with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri

Finally, a smart home device that doesn't need a hub and is platform agnostic.

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Using your voice to control things around your home is one of the cooler aspects of the future we live in. But, unless you have the right phone or smart speaker, that functionality can be crippled or nonexistent. Platform-agnostic devices for smart homes are all too rare, which is why iDevices' dimmer switch is so intriguing. The company's hardware works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri right out of the box. No, I never thought I'd say a dimmer switch would be interesting either, but here we are.

Other features include what you'd expect, like customizable dimming, an LED night light and a form factor that fits into existing standard wall boxes and rocker plates.

What's more, the new dimmer switches don't require a hub for any of their functionality. iDevices says that there are plenty more in-wall items coming along these lines. Hopefully other manufacturers recognize that platform agnosticism is the way of the future.

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