Celebrate 10 years of 'BioShock' with a $200 boxset

Welcome back, Jack.

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Irrational Games, 2K
Irrational Games, 2K

It's hard to believe, but as of today, the extremely influential BioShock is ten years old. To commemorate the art-deco shooter's birthday, publisher 2K will release a fancy commemorative edition of the claustrophobic, undersea morality tale on November 14th this year. Brace yourself, though, because it won't be cheap. $200 will get you an 11-inch statue featuring the series' iconic Little Sister and her Big Daddy protector along with last year's BioShock: The Collection remasters and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

The Big Daddy's drill is motorized and his helmet lights up, and it looks like the Little Sister's eyes do as well. The scene and poses of the pair are pretty evocative of the first game's covert art to boot. Maybe you missed the first game's collector's edition. This could prove pretty tempting if so -- especially if your Big Daddy figurine's arm broke off during shipping back in 2007.

If 2K had waited a year, you wouldn't have to buy the Collection again to get this statue. But, y'know, profits. The Collection includes all three BioShock games remastered in 1080p, along with all their add-on packs including "Minerva's Den" for BioShock 2 and Infinite's expansion "Burial at Sea."

Unlike what you're asked forced to do to Andrew Ryan, you actually have a choice in how to proceed here: Reward 2K's shrewd business tactic, or don't. The set is available from Gamestop or directly through 2K Games.

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