ASUS' Windows Mixed Reality headset may come with a premium price

It is one of the more promising designs, though.

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After a teaser back in the spring, ASUS is ready to talk in-depth about its Windows Mixed Reality headset... and it's clear that this is a premium design, with the price to match. The headgear (known as the ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset) isn't just riding on that funky polygonal look. It's lighter than most with a weight under 0.9 pounds, and ASUS is promising a balanced design with antibacterial protection to help you safely share the headset between users.

It otherwise has familiar specs, including a 1,440 x 1,440 resolution in each eyepiece as well as a 90Hz refresh rate. This includes a system that doesn't use sensors to track six-degree movement -- instead, it relies on two cameras and LEDs on the included motion controllers. That promises both simpler setup (10 minutes or less, ASUS claims) and a more portable design.

This sounds like it might be the WMR headset to beat, but as we said earlier, you will have to pay for that edge. ASUS' model will sell later this year for €449 (about $535). While European pricing doesn't translate neatly to the US, that's still noticeably more expensive than the $450 you'd pay for a Dell Visor with included controllers. If that price premium carries over to a US launch, you may have to think carefully about whether or not ASUS' design justifies the extra cash.

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