Dell makes a VR Visor to go with its Inspiron gaming systems

It'll retail for $349 when it goes on sale in October.

The age of VR is quickly settling in around us. A platform that just a few years ago could barely be even be considered niche is now knocking down the walls of the mainstream with hordes of big-name brands at its back. Playstation, HTC, Oculus are all busily building their own hardware while Facebook, YouTube and Twitch -- even KFC -- frantically race to develop content to meet the rising tide of consumer demand. At IFA on Monday, Dell declared itself a challenger in this arena with its VR headset for Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality platform, the Dell Visor.

Details are pretty thin so far, save that the visor will utilize 1440x1440 LCD panels. It's also built to offer sufficient padding and counterbalancing so it remains comfortable during extended gaming sessions. It can reportedly be worn over glasses, clips all of its various wires and cables securely at the back of the unit, and it sports a hinged faceplate so that users can flip back to the real world without having to remove the entire headset.

The Visor is slated for release this October, though presales will begin some point next month. The headset itself will set you back $349 while compatible controllers will cost you another $100.

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