Zepp's tennis sensor now includes a highlight camera

The racket-mounted sensor monitors spin, speed and sweet-spot accuracy.

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Unless you've got a professional coach on hand, it can be tricky to determine how good your tennis skills really are -- simply not slamming the ball into the net doesn't count, unfortunately. But for those looking to up their game, sport sensor creator Zepp has a new gadget that could help you serve your best match yet. The Tennis 2 Swing and Match Analyzer, which looks not unlike a tennis ball, fits on the bottom on your racket and measures stroke type, spin, ball speed, ball spin and accuracy, then relays the info to its iOS or Android app via Bluetooth.

The app configures the data in a way that makes it easy to see where there's room for improvement, and gives users access to Zepp's tennis community leader board, so things can get competitive. The new device also includes Smart Capture technology so players can record videos of each rally and then create a "highlight" reel which can be shared with others. You can even add special effects to clips, if you're so inclined. The package comes with a sensor, pro mount, flex mount, insert mount and USB charger, and costs $100/£100, which is probably cheaper than tennis lessons.

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