Teamosa brews tea using ultrasound

And it'll launch on Kickstarter on September 13th.

We've seen a handful of tea-brewing gadgets over the years, but none have managed to break into the mainstream. The latest to step into the ring is Teamosa, a startup that's planning to launch its first product September 13th. Teamosa itself is a small, Keurig-style device that uses ultrasonic extraction technology to brew your tea much more gently than traditional methods.

The project is the brainchild of Dr. Catherine Liu and and Irven Liu, a brother-and-sister team whose parents have grown tea in Taiwan since the early '80s. Mindful of the family business they stand to one day inherit, the pair wanted to try to modernize the way that tea is brewed.

The end-result of the project is the squat, black kettle on a bamboo plate that uses either loose-leaf tea or sustainably made tea pods. Users will simply either pour tea onto the plate or subscribe to buy the company's compostable-paper capsules.

Then, the system will use a reservoir of water (in the base of the device) to pour through the tea before the liquid is somehow treated ultrasonically. The company claims you'll have a perfect cup of tea within three minutes, and that you can tweak the system to your particular taste using the companion app.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to test the device for ourselves, and so can't say if Teamosa produces as tasty a blend as promised. But we're planning to source one in the future in the hope of seeing if it can replace our humble teapot-and-kettle combination.

That said, if you already want to get your hands on this device yourself, you can do so on Kickstarter from September 13th. Early birds will be able to grab the hardware for just $239, while latecomers will need to spend $299 or wait until it makes its retail debut at some point next year for $399.

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