Univision map offers up-to-date info about damage in Puerto Rico

They also will assist you in getting directly in touch with loved ones.

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Swapna Krishna
September 25th, 2017
Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters
Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters

The news out of Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria is, quite frankly, horrifying. The entire island could be without power for months. A crucial dam, the Guajataca, may be about to burst. Communication with the island is limited at best. There are many people still trying to get in touch with family, to make sure that loved ones living on the devastated island are okay.

Now, Univision News is trying to make that a bit easier. They've built a tool (available in Spanish only) where you can choose the region of the country you're concerned about, and Univision will tell you the most recent and up-to-date news about the situation in that area.

The information provided includes a roundup of pictures, tweets and other social media, reports from sources on the ground in the area and more. Everything we're hearing about Puerto Rico has been so dire. It's nice to have a concrete resource with timely information that can help.

Univision News is also trying to directly connect people with friends and relatives in Puerto Rico. Using their reporting team on the island, as well as a social media team in Miami using radios, WhatsApp and Zello, they're doing what they can to locate and reconnect people. You can request their help by filling out this Google form and see inspiring and heartwarming stories of the connections they've already made happen on their website.

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