A 'new' version of iTunes brings back apps and ringtones

The patch will allow for app and ringtone management from desktop.


Still need a way to manage your applications and ringtones in addition to your music, movies and other media on your iPhone? Well, there's an app for that. Following iTunes' massive overhaul (version 12.7 if you're keeping track at home), the company has since released a version of the software that will let you continue to download and install apps to your handset via a desktop computer.

According to reddit though, it isn't as cut and dried as installing the new version (12.6.3; yes, it's a little confusing) and downloading apps. "Your iTunes library will still not be compatible after installing iTunes 12.6.3 on top of iTunes 12.7. You either need to revert to a backed up copy of your previous library, or you need to open iTunes while holding down the Option key (or Shift key on a Windows PC) on your keyboard, then choose 'create a new library.'"

This new-old version of the software should work with any official ringtones you've snagged, audiobooks and iTunes U downloads. Now that this is out of the way, maybe Apple can get back to fully debugging iOS 11.