Samsung's new robot vacuums banish Darth Vader to cleaning duty

And Stormtroopers too.

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Swapna Krishna
October 10, 2017 11:49 AM

If you've lamented the lack of Star Wars-themed home cleaning appliances, then Samsung has just the robot vacuums for you. Today they announced limited editions of their POWERbot VR7000 vacuum cleaner inspired by the iconic sci-fi franchise. There are two different designs: Darth Vader retails for $799, while his Stormtrooper counterpart retails for $699. You can preorder both now at the Samsung website; the estimated ship date is November 5th at the time of writing.

Both robot vacuums feature 10-Watt suction power, CycloneForce technology and the ability to clean close to walls and edges. It uses mapping tech to remember your home and discover the fastest cleaning routes. A sensor ensures that the robot vacuum will clean around personal items as small as 10 mm. They both also have onboard Star Wars sound effects. The Darth Vader unit comes equipped with Wi-Fi and a remote control, hence the higher price.

The merchandising for Star Wars is a bit out of control, from Ubtech's Stormtrooper bot that will yell at intruders, to flash drives, USB car chargers, bluetooth speakers and much, much more. (R2-D2 screwdriver, anyone?) But hey, if you're a Star Wars fan who's in the market for a robot vacuum, why wouldn't you want Darth Vader cleaning your carpet?

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