Microsoft resurrects its most iconic mouse

The Classic IntelliMouse mates 2002 style with modern tech.

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The Surface Precision Mouse isn't the only new input device in Microsoft's arsenal. The company's Surface site has quietly teased the Classic IntelliMouse, a wired peripheral directly inspired by the legendary IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 you might have used in the early 2000s -- yes, this is the second time Microsoft has brought back the iconic design. The company isn't saying too much about what this revival will entail, but it'll have more precise tracking (up to 3,200DPI) while preserving the "firm" scroll wheel you knew from the days when Windows XP was still hot stuff.

The listing only mentions that the Classic is "coming soon," with no price to be seen. We've asked Microsoft for more details and will let you know if it can shed more light on the situation. However, it's safe to say that the relative lack of bells and whistles on this IntelliMouse (that we know of, at least) should keep the price in check.

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