Just Eat made a 'magic wand' for ordering food

Just why.

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Nick Summers
December 8th, 2017
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Just Eat
Just Eat

Just Eat, we need to talk. Your latest invention, a food-ordering "magic wand," is ridiculous. I get that you want to have some fun over the Christmas period — and somewhere, your marketing department is having a good chuckle — but you've gone too far. Enough is enough. First of all, is it meant for the kitchen or the bedroom? Actually, don't answer that. Then there's the operation. You have to download a separate app (ugh), login and make an order the old-fashioned way. Only then can you repeat this order — and nothing else — by waving the wand around like Merlin.

Did I mention that it only works with Android? Oh, and the app has to be open for the wand to work, otherwise your phone can't hear the "sonic barcode" being emitted from the tip. *Sigh* Okay, so thankfully this is a prototype. And obviously it's a joke. (I doubt Just Eat plans to actually sell any of these.) Even so, the number of hours that must have been required to design and manufacture the wand is, frankly, embarrassing. So please Just Eat, no more. You're a solid takeout website that competes just fine with Deliveroo. You don't have to copy Pizza Hut and KFC's viral silliness.

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