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Bloody sci-fi shooter 'Strafe' lands on PS4 and PC in May

Blast space monsters in the face in this homage to mid-90s FPS games.
Pixel Titans

Strafe is a lovely little homage to classic games like Doom or Quake -- it's built to feel like a first-person shooter from 1996 but features modern mechanics, updated graphics and buckets of blood. We got our hands on the game during E3 2016 and had a blast shooting space monsters in the face. Everyone will have a chance to do the same on May 9th, when Strafe lands on PlayStation 4, PC and Mac.

This is actually a delay from Strafe's original release date of March 28th. The studio building Strafe, Pixel Titans, says the game just needs a little more time in the (pixelated, alien-packed, bloody) oven.

"We are incredibly close to being done with the game!" Pixel Titans writes in a Kickstarter update. "We're cramming the last few secrets in, working on gun polish and game balance, but that doesn't leave us with enough time for the level of polish and optimization we want so we are delaying the game for just over a month to May 9th. ...We will have post-release support but Strafe is not an early access game so we want to make sure it plays great out of the gate."

Strafe is a rapid-fire, single-player, first-person shooter built with roguelike mechanics, meaning once you die, you start all the way at the beginning. However, procedural generation makes the game different every time you load it up. It's a streamlined kind of FPS, with ammo drops and weapon-upgrade machines strategically positioned throughout the levels. Plus, whenever you kill a space beast, its blood and guts remain on the ground -- or floors, or ceiling -- so you always know whether you've cleared a room. So thoughtful.

Pixel Titans raised $207,847 on Kickstarter in 2015 to develop Strafe, meaning there are at least 4,953 people patiently waiting for the game to come out. We're pretty excited about it, too -- so make that 4,954.

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