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Lucid's luxury electric car will start at $52,500

The Lucid Air is clearly gunning after Tesla's Model S customers.
AOL, Roberto Baldwin

When the Lucid Air made its debut late last year, all the hype over the electric car's trick features was countered by one overriding question: would the price be anywhere near competitive with that of the Tesla Model S? Apparently, the answer is a solid "yes." Lucid has revealed that the Air will start at $52,500, slotting it in well under the Model S (which starts at $71,300 as of this writing) and above the upcoming Model 3. You'll get quite a bit for the money, too, although there will clearly be incentives to splurge.

The 'entry' car will offer all the hardware you need for autonomous driving, Lucid claims -- a big deal when Tesla makes you drop about $10,000 (for Enhanced Autopilot and full self-driving support) for similar features. You'll also get a respectable 240-mile range, the equivalent of 400 horsepower with rear wheel drive, LED headlights, a 10-speaker audio system, 12-way power seats, 19-inch wheels and that all-important three-touchscreen cabin. You won't be hurting for comfort, really.

Perks will mostly come in the form of more power and creature comforts. You can spring for 315-mile or 400-mile batteries, with up to 1,000HP in a dual-motor all wheel drive setup. An active suspension is on tap as well. There will likewise be options to upgrade the seats (both front and back), audio and wheels, but the real draw may be the signature glass canopy roof, giving you that open-air feeling. Do be prepared to pay, though: a decked out Lucid Air will cost you somewhere above $100,000.

Also, you'd better have a well-padded bank account if you expect to be an early adopter. The first models reaching customers will be 255 Launch Edition variants, all of which will be "well optioned" with the 315-mile battery, 1,000HP, 21-inch wheels and a more powerful sound system. They'll cost over $100,000, Lucid says. While this strategy isn't unusual (Tesla tends to lead with top-spec models), it does mean that you'll have to be patient if you want something less extravagant.

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