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Apple Music for Android gets an overdue makeover

It's much more like the current iOS version.

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The Android version of Apple Music was very close to the iOS app when it first arrived, but it's clear that the software has lagged in recent months. While iOS and desktop users got a (frankly needed) overhaul last year, Android users were stuck with the old interface. No more: Apple has released a new version of the app that brings it up to par. That means a redesigned For You section with many more recommendations, stronger support for your own music library and a revamped player with quick access to your queue and lyrics.

Is this going to make you jump ship from Spotify or Google Play Music? Probably not, especially since it took a while for Apple to give Android users a refresh. It should help you stay aboard if you're an existing subscriber, though, and it shows that Apple is willing to put sustained effort into a client for Google's platform. The real test is whether or not Apple improves upon this update schedule -- ideally, you wouldn't have to wait quite so long for subsequent updates.

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