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Comcast's smart home app controls your Philips Hue lights

Your bulbs and security system will work in harmony.

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Jasper Juinen/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Comcast's Xfinity Home app can steer many of the devices in your household, but there's been a conspicuous omission: Philips' Hue lights. Why spring for Comcast's hybrid automation/security service when it can't handle commonplace smart bulbs? That changes today. Comcast and Philips have formed a partnership that brings Hue support to the Xfinity Home app. On top of direct control, you can create automated rules that link your bulbs to your security system and any other smart home devices. Your lights can switch on when you disarm your security after work, for instance.

You'll also see Hue integration coming to X1 if you're a TV customer. You can use the set-top's voice remote to control the lights "in the near future," Comcast says.

This probably won't get you to sign up for Xfinity Home if you weren't already inclined. However, there's no question that Hue support eliminates a serious barrier to adoption. If you were thinking of trying the service but were waiting until it worked with more of the most popular home automation products, this might be the excuse you needed to dive in.

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