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Instagram now supports three right-to-left languages

The company adds support for Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi languages on Android first.

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Thomas White / Reuters

You can post and comment in more than 24 different languages via Instagram already, but they've all been left-to-right languages like English. Instagram just announced that it has added Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi languages -- all of which read right to left. The three languages will be available on the Android version of Instagram first.

Changing your language setting is pretty straightforward. Simply go to your Instagram profile in the app and tap on the gear icon. Scroll down and tap Language (just below Settings). You can then choose the language you'd like to use. The new language support stops short of translation features, however; if you're using, say English and see a post in Farsi, you won't be able to automatically translate it in-app. "I'm proud of our efforts to make Instagram one of the most inclusive and diverse platforms in the world," said Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger. "With this update we hope even more Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi speakers are able to use Instagram to connect with the people and interests that matter to them."

Instagram isn't the first social media app to add languages that read right to left. Twitter added Arabic and Farsi to its mobile website back in 2012, having already supported both languages -- along with Hebrew and Urdu -- on its main website previously.

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