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Instagram adds a translation feature for text inside the app

A handy "See Translation" tool will ensure you understand all the captions and comments.

On the heels of announcing it amassed 500 million users, Instagram is adding a new feature to help its global audience better understand each other. The filter-driven photo and video app will get a translation tool "in the coming month." When it arrives, you'll be able to tap a "See Translation" link to make sure you know exactly what a bio, caption or comment says. Instagram currently supports 24 languages, but it did explain that older comments and captions may not be privy to the update.

Other social networks, like Twitter, offer a similar translation method for keeping pace with users around the world. While Instagram specified the feature was rolling out, some of us here at Engadget are already seeing it inside the app, so you may not have to wait long to use it. Now you'll really know exactly what someone thinks about your brunch pics.