Instagram rolls out its Facebook-style algorithmic feed

If you haven't seen it already, you likely will soon.

Back in March, Instagram announced plans to re-order the feed of accounts you follow based on what you're likely to care about most. The idea is similar to with Facebook does with the News Feed: displaying posts that might interest you the most rather than showing content in chronological order. A few days after the announcement, Instagram took to Twitter to let us know the algorithm-driven approach wasn't in place yet, but this week the company announced the feature is now rolling out to all users.

In a short blog post the company revealed that in the time since the March announcement, the small group of users who've been privy to the re-ordering were much more active in the app. Instagram says that "portion of the community" has been liking more photos and posting more comments. If you haven't already noticed the new order of posts when you log in, you will soon as its rolling out to everyone now. Instagram vows to continue to approve the feature as well, which should mean the snapshots and videos you want to see most will rise to the top of your feed.