Instagram says it's not changing your feed... yet

Everyone calm down.

The internet flung into a panic today as users prepped for Instagram to change how images display in its feed. Earlier this month, the filter-driven photo app announced that it would switch from a chronological order of photos to an algorithm-based approach like Facebook does with the News Feed and Twitter's option for organizing Timelines. The idea is to push things the software thinks you'd like to see more to the top, but, of course, this means you're likely to miss out on some things, too. Based on the high level of panic and the service being inundated with posts begging followers to turn on notifications, Instagram took to Twitter to assure us that nothing is changing yet.

When the timeline tweak was first announced, Instagram said the feature would roll out in the "coming months." However, a select few were privy to the new algorithm's handiwork on their timelines as its still in testing. And of course, that meant mass panic. Today, after the rage set in, the company reiterated that it would make a formal announcement when the change takes effect for all users.