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Netflix's first comic book is Mark Millar's 'The Magic Order'

It'll be available in print and digital starting next spring.

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When Netflix acquired Mark Millar's comic book empire in August, many assumed the streaming service would just adapt his various works for the screen. That isn't quite the case: Netflix announced today that it will publish The Magic Order as a comic book, with art handled by Olivier Coipel. Millar is on writing duties for the six-issue dark fantasy series. In a somewhat surprising move, the story will be available in print in addition to digital starting with the premiere issue next spring.

But, given that Netflix sells Blu-ray versions of its original shows, perhaps a physical edition of the book isn't all that unexpected. This move into comics could be seen as a way to compete with Amazon as well. In 2014, Amazon bought Comixology, a Netflix-style service that offers all-you-can-read digital comics for $6 a month.

We've reached out to see if The Magic Order will be available on the service and will update this post should a response arrive.

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