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Amazon expands influencer program to Twitter and Instagram 'stars'

The retailer wants to move beyond just YouTube influencers.

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A couple of months ago, Amazon opened up its influencer program to more YouTube stars with large followings. It lets people with large followings on the video service set up their own page full of Amazon products, of which the influencer gets a cut when someone buys from that page. Now the online retailer is expanding to include Twitter and Instagram influencers in the program.

The Amazon Influencer Program is basically the retailer's regular Associate program but makes it easier to create a custom storefront. It also gives influencers a simpler vanity URL for fans to visit, since many YouTube stars mention the link verbally. At a session during the current Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, YouTube influencer Dan Markham noted that he was able to quit his job as a biotech engineer with the proceeds of his Amazon storefront, making nearly $161,000 dollars on a fidget cube product placed on his custom storefront.

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