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Plex on Android now works more like a 'real' DVR

You can timeshift and record live TV while you watch using one tuner.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
12.08.17 in AV

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Plex recently turned your devices into virtual DVRs through its live TV update, but there have been limitations: you couldn't timeshift to replay an important moment, and watching a show while it recorded required a second TV tuner. Not much of a replacement for a real DVR, is it? The situation just got much better, however, as Plex has updated its Android app with support for both timeshifting and, as you might expect, watching a live show while in mid-recording. If you missed a crucial play in the big game or just want to repeat what someone said, you can skip back just like you would with a conventional DVR.

The feature is available right now on Android mobile devices and Android TV, although you'll need a Plex Pass subscription to use it. Amazon-made hardware is coming soon. And while it's still slightly odd to pay for the privilege of controlling free TV, look at it this way: it's still considerably less expensive than a traditional TV subscription or buying a dedicated over-the-air DVR box.

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