Tablo easily turns Android TV boxes into standalone DVRs

Plug an $80 tuner into your antenna to watch and record broadcast TV.

If you already have a TV antenna and an Android TV box like the NVIDIA Shield, then you're very close to having everything you need for a DIY Tablo DVR. Instead of picking up one of the company's boxes that can start at $180, now you can simply add its $70 USB dual-tuner device, install the free Tablo Engine app and start watching TV. At first, tuner buyers will get access to six months of guide data for free. Once the introductory period is over, however, while they can watch live TV and view up to 24 hours of guide data without a subscription, accessing 14 days of the guide and getting a one-click record option will come at a cost. The price is $4 per month, or $40 paid annually.

According to Tablo, its app will work on Android TV devices with its tuner or hardware from Nuvyyo and Hauppage. Plex offers a similar solution at a comparable price, while HDHomeRun's still in beta software is also an option. With Tablo, owners can record video to internal storage on a device like the Shield, or plug in a hard drive via USB for extra space. This option may not work for everyone, but if you're within range for antenna TV and want to save a few bucks, it could do the job.

The free Tablo ENGINE app provides the Tablo interface and DVR features including: