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Plex Live TV and DVR launches for subscribers

Cord cutters and cable subscribers can easily bring live TV to a Plex setup

Last fall Plex started beta testing a DVR feature for its popular media server setup, and now it's making the next big step by offering live TV and DVR for all Plex Pass subscribers. They will need to bring their own tuner(s), connected to a TV antenna or cable jack, but Plex will do the rest, providing the necessary guide data as a part of the Pass subscription if you live somewhere with DVB-T or ATSC (North America) broadcasts. . As of today, it not only supports more kinds of tuners, it's also ready to stream live TV to iOS or Android TV, with Android mobile devices and Apple TV next up.

Plex positions itself as a successor to Microsoft's abandoned Windows Media Center, and for many people it may fit the bill. Especially for those who have already configured their media library for access through its software, adding live TV should be a cheap and familiar option. Its built-in recommendation system will even find TV shows you might like based on stuff you've previously loaded into Plex.

For the DIY DVR crowd, or just cord cutters looking for easy access to live TV, Plex will support as many tuners and as much storage capacity as you can provide. If you want to shift video around the house or to a remote device, it's ready to handle the job (for DVR'd content, live TV support will continue to roll out across its apps.) The Plex Pass package that gives access to features like Plex Cloud, offline access and more still costs$4.99 a month / $39.99 a year / $119.99 lifetime, and just gained a very useful upgrade.