Lenovo's new ThinkPads pack 8th-gen Core CPUs and slimmer designs

There's even a webcam cover for the privacy-minded.

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Lenovo just revamped the lion's share of its ThinkPad lineup, and it's good news if you want a speedy portable that won't weigh down your laptop bag -- or if you're privacy-conscious, for that matter. Its new ThinkPad X, T and L models have all made the switch to faster eighth-generation Intel Core processors while sporting slimmer, lighter bodies. The 12.5-inch X280, for example, is 15 percent thinner (0.69 inch) and 20 percent lighter (2.6 pounds) than its predecessor. There's also a new 13-inch L-series (the L380) for people who want a no-frills pro laptop in a more portable design than the 14- and 15-inch versions.

As you might expect, there are specific upgrade perks depending on the machine in question. The ThinkPad Yoga X360 has Active Pen and an infrared camera for Windows Hello, while the X280 has rapid charging that gives it 80 percent within an hour. And if you're using the 14-inch L480 or 15-inch L580, you now have new choices for dedicated AMD graphics.

Not that it's a simple speed bump. There's now a ThinkShutter webcam cover on the T series for those worried they'll be targeted by creeps and spies. A new mechanical side docking option gives you ubiquitous compatibility, and there are universal USB-C power adapters that make it easy to borrow someone else's charging gear.

Lenovo is promising a quick launch for the new systems. All the updated ThinkPads start arriving later in January. Prices start at $609 for the L380, while you're looking at $989 for a base T480, $999 for an X280 and $1,459 for the Yoga X380. Need a monitor? There's an extra-thin 24-inch 1080p display, the ThinkVision X24 ($249), as well as the 32-inch, 4K-capable ThinkVision P32u ($1,349) with Thunderbolt 3. The X24 arrives in January, although you'll have to wait until March for the P32u.

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Lenovo's new ThinkPads pack 8th-gen Core CPUs and slimmer designs