Advertisement’s tech company bought headphone maker Earin

The company confirmed the acquisition at CES.'s tech company revealed to TechCrunch at CES today it had recently purchased headphone maker Earin. The company didn't disclose how much it paid for Earin and Earin's name might not make it through the acquisition, but Earin's products fit with those of for the most part, and the purchase seems to be a more logical move than others recently made by the company.

So far, has come out with Buttons, its Bluetooth earphones, and a couple of smartwatches, one of which, the Puls, was dubbed "a wearable nightmare" by Mashable. The Black-Eyed Pea also produced a wild, high-end iPhone case back in 2012. However, last year, purchased Wink, a maker of smart-home hubs, and is said to be working on a virtual assistant called Omega. It's hard to see what the big picture is for the company in light of these seemingly disconnected business moves, but hey, how exciting is it really if it all makes sense from the get-go?

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