Advertisement hopes buying a smart home platform will get it started

The former Black Eyed Pea now owns Wink.

Will.I.Am is at the point of his career where he has the disposable income to throw at basically whatever he wants. Be it a terrible smartwatch (or two) or an insipid iPhone case, he's thrown cash at a variety of money pits. Now, he has another one to add to his list: A smart home platform. His company has acquired Wink, which makes hubs for connected household devices.

The news comes by way of an email sent to Wink users (spotted by Hacker News). "Our teams are in the process of coming together to shape our future roadmap and we can't wait to share what we're working on," the email apparently said. It goes on that current Wink hardware and software won't be affected. Kind of like's career or bank account if this venture doesn't pan out.