Yevo's premium earbuds are made from illegal firearms

The illegal firearms were seized in Latin America and melted down into 'Humanium metal.'

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The Yevo X Humanium wireless earbuds and charging case launched at CES 2018 look every bit the kind of premium device that can command a $499 price tag. But they actually use a special kind of metal -- the kind that's melted down from illegal weapons into what the IM Swedish Development Partner is calling Humanium. IM, the brains behind Humanium, works on weapons destruction programs in Guatemala and El Salvador. It conjured up the project as a means to offer financial support to the victims of armed violence in the Latin American region. The organization produced its first ton of Humanium from weapons seized in El Salvador in 2016, but this is apparently the first product crafted using the metal that will be released to the public.

Other than the material used to make them, the earbuds are identical to the Swedish company's older Yevo 1 wireless earbuds. They connect via Bluetooth, have a 30-foot range and have a listening and call time of three to four hours. At $249, Yevo 1 costs half the Humanium version's price. But if you have the extra money, prefer the color silver and want to help, then rest assured that Yevo isn't getting all your money. Fifty percent of the version's proceeds will go towards funding IM's work, including fighting for children's rights and combatting deadly diseases, in 12 countries across the globe.

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