DuckDuckGo upgrades apps to block hidden ad trackers

They'll also make sure you're loading the encrypted version of a website.

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DuckDuckGo has given its browser extensions and apps a boost with more features meant to protect you from prying digital eyes. To start with, they now come with a built-in tracker blocker that prevents ad networks from following you around and collecting data on what you're doing. It even lists all the hidden networks it blocks, such as Google and Facebook, which you can access when you expand that section of the updated extension/app.

DuckDuckGo now also gives each website a Privacy Grade rating, which goes up after it blocks the trackers in it. So, a Grade D website will end up a Grade B -- you'll rarely see A's, because "hardly any website out there truly prioritizes your privacy." In addition to blocking trackers, the updated apps and extensions will automatically load encrypted versions of websites whenever available.

They also have a new section dedicated to explaining oft-confusing privacy policies. However, it'll only be available if Terms of Service Didn't Read, a project that aims to decode privacy policies, has already reviewed the URL you're visiting. The upgraded DuckDuckGo extension is now out for Firefox, Safari and Chrome. You can now also download the latest version for iOS and Android devices from the App Store and Google Play.

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