Plex adds DVR scheduling to its Apple TV app

Now you can schedule recordings and select closed captions.

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Daniel Cooper
February 26th, 2018

Halfway through 2017, Plex started offering live TV and DVR features for users willing to cough up $5 a month. They still needed a tuner of their own, to avoid any Aereo-like shenanigans, but it was still great for cord-cutters. Now, Plex is adding more features to the Apple TV app for its DVR system, enabling users to schedule recordings and view closed captions.

The selection of channels is, perhaps obviously, limited to the ones that your OTA antenna can pick up in your local area. But that should stretch as far as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, the CW and plenty of others, plus the ability to sync your shows for offline viewing. Earlier this month, Plex also pushed out timeshifting for the Xbox One and the Plex Web App, as well as closed captions for Roku players.

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