Netflix is reportedly cooking up a '60 Minutes'-style news show

One that's like '60 Minutes' and '20/20.'

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Netflix recently signed up David Letterman and other personalities known for their satirical take on current affairs, but it's reportedly putting together a more serious news program, as well. According to Marketwatch, the streaming service is cooking up a weekly current affairs show similar to CBS' 60 Minutes and ABC's 20/20. The publication's source says the company has "spotted a hole in the market for a current affairs TV show encompassing both sides of the political divide and [is] seeking to fill it."

Netflix is "proceeding with caution," the source says, because the streaming giant knows news talk shows can be expensive and yet underperform financially. It's apparently looking for ways to make it economically viable without having to compromise its production and the integrity of its news gathering operation.

The company didn't confirm the source's report, and not everyone's optimistic about its possible new venture. Pivotal Research analyst Jeff Wlodarczak told MarketWatch that Netflix's shows are mostly evergreen -- you can watch then months or years later and still find them interesting -- unlike current affairs offerings.

Still, a serious news show isn't out of the realm of possibility even though Netflix focuses mostly on series and movies. In addition to signing hosts like Letterman, Norm Macdonald, Joel McHale and Michelle Wolf, a previous report says it's close to signing a deal with former President Obama. The company could be ready to launch a serious news magazine show in the near future, especially since it's spending a whopping $8 billion on content this year.