Samsung's 2018 QLED TVs start at $1,500

They top out at $6,000.

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Swapna Krishna
March 21st, 2018
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Today, Samsung released pricing details on its 2018 QLED line. The smallest, base model Q6F, at 55 inches, retails for $1,500, while the flagship Q9F 75-inch model inches is $6,000.

The full range of pricing is as follows:

  • QN82Q6F: $4,500
  • QN75Q9F: $6,000
  • QN75Q8F: $4,800
  • QN75Q7F: $4,000
  • QN75Q6F: $3,500
  • QN65Q9F: $3,800
  • QN65Q8F: $3,000
  • QN65Q7C: $2,700
  • QN65Q7F: $2,600
  • QN65Q6F: $2,200
  • QN55Q8F: $2,200
  • QN55Q7C: $2,000
  • QN55Q7F: $1,900
  • QN55Q6F: $1,500

The Samsung QLED TVs have quite a few impressive features. Ambient mode allows the TV to blend into the room, rather than showing a blank screen. HDR10+ features vary depending on the specific model you're purchasing, but all TVs come with Bixby, Samsung's smart assistant. We got to spend some time with this series of TVs and pronounced them Samsung's smartest line yet.

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