Twitch app for PS4 gets a much-needed interface makeover

It's much better for avid viewers.

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It'd be an understatement to say the Twitch app for PS4 needed some tweaking. Apart from looking more than a little like the Xbox One version, it just wasn't great for quickly hopping into a favorite channel or seeing what's popular among your favorite games. No more: a new version of the Twitch app gives it an overhauled interface that makes it easier to see who's live, browse followed games and explore completed videos from individual channels.

The refresh also puts search and settings more conspicuously within view, and is more consistent with the desktop experience when you're watching a channel and chatting with fellow viewers. Simply speaking, it looks more like an actual live service à la PlayStation Vue (really, how it should be) than yet another video-on-demand offering.

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