Dropbox Smart Sync is finally available to all business users

See everything you have in the cloud right in your file browser.

It's been a few years since Dropbox first started talking about Smart Sync, a feature that lets users see everything stored in their Dropbox in the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer, regardless of whether that file is available locally or stored in the cloud. Everything stored in Dropbox shows up in your native file browser, but does so without eating up hundreds of gigabytes of storage -- a feature particularly useful for large teams or businesses with massive file systems. After a few years of development and an early access program, Dropbox is releasing Smart Sync for all its business customers.

Previously, some businesses could get request early access, but now anyone administering a Dropbox Business account will be able to enable the feature for their users. Somewhat ironically, Smart Sync has also been available to anyone paying for the $20 / month Dropbox Professional plan -- an option for individuals that pairs 1TB of storage with extra features like this one.

Dropbox is also releasing a new selective sync feature for Business customers that'll let account administrators pick a selected set of folders that'll be automatically synced with new users by default. It's meant to make it easier to get the essential documents that new employees need out with minimal friction (without eating up all the hard drive space on a new user's computer). Both features are available today -- and if you don't have a Dropbox Business account but still want to try out Smart Sync, the company is offering free two-week trials of Dropbox Professional.