Best Buy may also have had customer data exposed

The same breach that affected Sears and Delta customers could have also hit Best Buy.

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Yesterday, both Sears and Delta revealed that thousands of their customers may have had personal and financial information exposed. This was because the companies had entrusted data to the tech firm [24], which itself suffered a several-week breach last fall and informed its clients last month. Lo and behold, another well-known corporation has had its customers' data potentially compromised: Best Buy. Luckily, they anticipate that only a "small fraction" of overall online Best Buy shoppers may have had their information compromised.

In a statement, Best Buy confirmed that [24] provided a chat service that customers used from their phone or computer. The breach happened between September 27th and October 12th of 2017 and customer payment information from some of the tech firm's companies may have been compromised, ergo those who used Best Buy's chat service could have had their data exposed. The tech retail giant did not offer further information. Affected customers won't be charged for fraudulent purchases and they will be providing free credit monitoring services if desired.