Disney plans food-focused online series for young parents

The company is targeting the "YouTube" generation with Disney Eats.

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Gary Cameron / Reuters
Gary Cameron / Reuters

Today, Disney announced its latest digital brand: Disney Eats, which is a food-centered online channel and website that focuses specifically on families with young kids. The company is putting its sights squarely on the generation of viewers who grew up with YouTube and are now having kids of their own.

Disney Eats will partner with Tastemade to launch original series such as Kitchen Little, which will see kids teaming up with celebrity chefs to make Disney-themed recipes. In another show, Tiny Kitchen, artists will create tiny replicas of food from Disney movies. Another show, Must Be Science focuses on (you guessed it) food science.

Digital video is becoming increasingly lucrative, as traditional networks and studios try to capture the audience that increasingly watches video in nontraditional ways. Last year, Disney announced its own streaming service (and has stated that it will be cheaper than Netflix). Yesterday, Twitter revealed more than 30 deals for original video, from sports to shows about space and women's experiences.

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