Univision plans Netflix-style streaming service

It's a complement to the Hispanic broadcaster's live online video.

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Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images
Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Univision's streaming ambitions are growing beyond live video. The Hispanic-American broadcaster has unveiled an on-demand service that gives you access to both its own shows as well as partners like the BBC and Viacom. Full access to live and on-demand content will cost you $8 per month, but current pay TV customers can spring for the on-demand portion for a $3 monthly fee.

The company didn't say how soon the on-demand portion would be ready.

Univision isn't shy about the reason for widening its internet offerings: it sees this as a "Netflix for Spanish-language content." The network is already partnering with Netflix on Hispanic productions, but this provides a service devoted primarily to that audience. It's not directly challenging the streaming giant so much as it is creating a supplement.

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