Netflix and Univision will co-produce at least five more TV shows

Their collaboration won't end with 'El Chapo.'

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Story House Entertainment/Netflix
Story House Entertainment/Netflix

Netflix's team-up with broadcaster Univision on El Chapo was a hit (it became hugely popular both in Mexico and on Univision), and the two are determined to capitalize on this success. They've renewed their partnership with the promise of creating "at least" five more shows together. The productions will be available in both English and Spanish, with Univision getting the chance to air them on TV in the US before they stream worldwide on Netflix. The first show out of the gate will be Tijuana, a Spanish-language show about a "web of corruption" that unfolds when reporters investigate the assassination of a presidential candidate.

It's not certain when the first shows from the production will arrive, although it may take a while when production on Tijuana doesn't start until April.

Both sides have strong incentives to work together. Univision, of course, extends the reach of its Hispanic American-oriented programming beyond both its existing viewers and US borders. And for Netflix, this continues a longstanding strategy of releasing shows that target wide audiences -- it's catering to much of the planet, and it's easier to justify big deals like this when it knows there are hundreds of millions of potential viewers.

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