Watch Microsoft's Build day one keynote in under 15 minutes

We hope you're ready to hear about Azure.
Nathan Ingraham
N. Ingraham|05.07.18

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If you were hoping to hear about the future of Windows at today's Microsoft Build keynote, well, we have some bad news. CEO Satya Nadella and a large cast of Microsoft spokespeople spend much of their time talking about the massive cloud computing power in Azure, which powers the company's AI and machine learning efforts. Of course, there were plenty of interesting tidbits -- like how the Kinect is being repurposed to help with development in both AI and machine learning. And there were a few consumer-focused announcements, as well -- if you've ever wanted to get your Android text messages on a Windows PC, you're in luck. Microsoft will have plenty more announcements tomorrow, but for now, check out what the company showed off on Build 2018, day one.

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