Amazon Music app now offers hands-free control thanks to Alexa

You can finally talk to the app like you would an Echo speaker.

Amazon Music's mobile app introduced Alexa voice control back in September, but there was a catch: you still had to tap a button to take action. Why couldn't you just talk to it like you would an Echo speaker? You can now. Both the Android and iOS apps just received hands-free Alexa control, with many of the same commands that you'd use with other Alexa devices. You only have to start talking to listen to a favorite playlist or queue up a song you don't remember by name.

The feature works for both Prime Music and Music Unlimited users, and you can turn it off if you don't like the thought of the app waiting for your voice commands.

No, this isn't likely to make you jump from Spotify or Apple Music. However, it does create the kind of harmony that Amazon likely wants if its music services are going to grow. If you have an Echo or another Alexa-powered device, you'll get a consistent experience when you're switching to your phone.