Amazon finally adds Alexa support to its Music app

The Amazon Music app for iOS and Android now have access to Alexa.

If Alexa can make it a cinch to find songs on Amazon's screen-less Echo speakers, then it can also work its magic on the retail giant's Music app. The tech titan has finally integrated its famous voice assistant into the Amazon Music app for iOS and Android, perhaps as a way to entice more people to sign up. When you want to summon the assistant through the apps, just tap the new push-to-talk button marked "Alexa" on the applications' updated interface and voice out your command.

What's great about finding songs with the assistant's help is that you don't have to browse the app for a title or an artist, which you might not always know. You could, say, ask Alexa to "play that new single by" a particular artist or play that song with so-and-so lyrics. Alexa will also play songs depending on what you need them for, whether it's for a road trip, to get you in the mood to run or to help you relax at night. The voice assistant is now live for both iOS and Android -- just update your app to get access to Alexa on your phone.